​Drainage Repair

Having a foundation that will last you for many years to come requires certain things. One of those and possibly the most important is having proper drainage. If you have a foundation with an appropriate system for drainage set up, then that is simply great. However, over time, your drain system can become damaged, or other factors can harshly affect the ability to drain properly and not have other issues crop up, such as mold. If you are experiencing any problems with your foundation and you think it has to do with your drainage, please let us know right away. We can be there for you today.

Usual Causes

Few things can adversely affect your foundations’ ability to drain. This effect can be due to clogging in part from leaves and various other debris or having drainage from flower beds in a not ideal spot. Construction can also be a factor from new constructing changing the environment to things not being done correctly in the first place. Even the soil in your area may be an issue when it comes to drainage.

Debris Build-Up

Having a drainage system in place is excellent at keeping your foundations and living area in general healthy. However, over time, debris of various sorts can build up in these areas cause water to pool. Over time you can begin to have cracking from foundations remaining damp for far too long or even mold. If this is not taken care of you will severely compromise your foundations and the structural integrity of your building.

Improper Flower Bed Drainage

Flower beds are great at sprucing up your yard and making your house more a home. However, if improperly installed their drainage can be facing right into your foundations, causing similar problems. As well their installation could also block the path of water drainage that was there in the first place.

Poor Construction

Maybe it is your preexisting foundations that are having issues with drainage because they were not put incorrectly in the first place. Perhaps you have a new foundation laid with new construction, and it has affected the drainage of your preexisting foundations. Regardless of the reasoning, construction can be an issue, and we can fix it.

Or The Soil

The land around your property differs from other lots. Certain soil types such as clay can hold large amounts of moisture and this, in turn, may affect your foundations’ structural integrity. This reason is why soil inspections are vital to formulate the best path to take with your foundations. If this was not done in the first place, we can easily have it done and make a plan on how to solveyour foundation drainage problems.

Drainage Repairs

Some of these issues are simple fixes, while others take a lot more effort. Regardless of the problem, you know you can trust us at Cleburne Foundation Repairs to give you the best top affordable repairs that you need. Please let us know if you need help today. We also offer concrete repair service.


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