Cleburne Foundation Repair

We’re partnered with GL Hunt to provide you with exceptional residential and commercial foundation repair services for Cleburne, TX and the surrounding areas.
​Every home, in fact, every building has a foundation. They are the necessary beginning of any building. They must be strong and able to handle heavy loads and abuse to last long and keep your structure standing strong. However, Over time, the damage will cumulate on your foundations from the outside elements and the ground itself. No matter how damage does build up with our foundations, you need the right foundation repair company on the job. Cleburne Foundation repair can be there to fix foundation problems such as foundation floor crack and floor leveling. If you live in the Cleburne Texas area and need foundation repairs, please do not hesitate to give us a call right away.

​About Us

Who has the best foundation repairs reviews in Cleburne, TX? We do. We are your foundation repair specialist here to help you with your foundation problems no matter what. We are your go-to experts for all of your foundation problems. Our comply has been serving the Cleburne area for many years with pride and dignity. You cannot get a better crew to do work for you. We are all licensed and accredited foundation repair contractors so you also can be in comfort knowing you hired experts. We know all that there is to know with foundations, and we want to make sure that you are living or using a safe building with secure foundations no matter the problems that plague them.
We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
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We can and will help you with any of your foundations’ problems. We can help you with everything from slab repair to pier and beam repair. As well with general concrete repair no matter if your property is residential or commercial. We can also help you with drainage repair and gutter installation, which are vital for healthy foundations. Regardless of your foundation repair needs are we can help.

​Slab Repair

Concrete slabs are a durable material able to stand the test of time. This reason is why it has become the go-to choice for all foundations. After all, concrete was even what made ancient Rome what it was. However, over time, even the best concrete slabs can fall into disrepair from years of misuse and external factors. When you are dealing with problems in your concrete slab such as leveling problems or cracks, let us know so we can get them fixed for you today.

​Pier and Beam Repair

Pier and beam foundations are a great simple way to have a foundation while giving your building a smaller footprint on the ground below. It allows you to rise above the earth, creating a crawl space for utilities to be hidden away. It is also a method we can use for fixing crawl space foundations of other sorts. Regardless of if your pier and beam foundations are in trouble or if your existing foundation needs help, we can help you with all pier and beam needs.

“Bought a home. Foundations were shot. You know I was annoyed that my wife did not even notice when she looked. Anyways I just called these guys cause I heard they were good. They were. Fixed up all the cracking and other issues around the foundations and I can at least relax little with that. Still, have a lot of other things to handle though. I wish everyone we deal with could be like Cleburne Foundation Repairs.” - Hank G.


​Drainage Repair

Water can do a number on your foundations. It can especially hurt your foundations when it beings to pool up and not drain away. You should have a drainage system in place to deal with this, but if you do not, you may just be inviting disaster. Even if you do have a drainage system over time, it can become damaged or clogged. If that is the case, then please let us know so we can help you can your drainage systems working again.

​Concrete Repair

Concrete is used in many applications around the building site. Not just in foundations, though that is often the case. Regardless of where your concrete is, we can help get it fixed. Anything from cracks or any structural damage we can repair. When you have damaged concrete then call in the foundation repair specialist to take care of it for you.

“We were having settling problems in our home. The crawl space under our bathroom was honestly becoming dangerous. We called these guys to come over, and they were able to prop up our foundation again and reinforce the problem area with a pier and beam. I have nothing to worry about with my foundations anymore.” - Ann Marie S.



Not every place is a home. Some buildings are for commercial purposes and are far more substantial. They also have different requirements for their intended use. Having a foundation repair expert that understands this is vital when you need repairs. If you have a commercial space and are dealing with damage in your foundations, please do not hesitate to give us a call today.

​Gutter Installation

Your foundation may not have been handled correctly when it was initially installed. As we mentioned earlier, water can do a number to your foundations. Having proper drainage is vital for healthy foundations. That is why it is essential to have a gutter to drain away water when it comes. If you do not already have one for your building, please let us know, and we can have a gutter installed today.

“The areas around our home were always soggy when it rains. I honestly could not tell you why. Then we found out it was because we did not have proper drainage. Whoever built our house skipped some important steps when building it. So we called up Cleburne Foundation Repair to help us, and they were able to install gutters for us, and now we do not have the soggy ground problems anymore.” - Peter H

​​Contact Us

If you have are suffering from foundation problems, please call us today. The longer you wait, the larger the problem will become. As soon as you notice foundation problems on your property give us a call, and we can get right on the job and fix you foundations like new again. Please call or email us today even if you have some questions. We are standing by.